One of the highlights of my recent trip to America, besides:

  • barely finding deep-dish pizza in Chicago
  • using the free Charmin’ Toilet Paper toilets on Broadway in New York and
  • eavesdropping on hunting talk while eating some kind of combination of meat and melted cheese (as all American restaurant meals seem to be) at Jakes in Ashland Ohio

was these series of commercials for Geico (a provider of car insurance if you’re not sure)  I’m not a huge TV watcher, but these commercials are without doubt some of the funniest I’ve seen in a long time. For those of you in Australia, if you haven’t seen these, I hope you enjoy.

Running from least funniest to funniest, there’s basically three categories of Geico commercials.  There are a couple where they have a real person who  is telling how Geico helped them, and right next to them, a celebrity playing the part as well.

Then, in a truly inspired idea, the Caveman ads.  The premise is simple.  Geico’s latest advertising slogan is that their new website is so easy, a caveman could use it.  However, cavemen around America are rather offended at the insinuation that they’re stupid.

But, beyond a doubt, my favourite ads are the Geico gecko.  If they ever give this guy a movie, I’m pre-booking seats.

Watch them all; they’re all great. 

I’d go from the top gecko commercial down to the bottom one, but they’re all pretty good.

“I’d stick with the small talk, mate.”

“Of course they want free pie and chips.  It’s pie . . . with chips . . . for free.”

“And I’m like, ‘Of course I’ll sit with the kids.  You’re like a brother to me.'”

2 thoughts on “Geico Commercials

  1. Glad you like our Geico commercials (Geico=Government Employees Insurance Company, but everyone can buy it). We find them insipid. We in the US would gladly exchange that irritating gecko for one of your cute kangaroos anyday.

  2. Well, you’ve got to remember that when I was in the States, the other commercials to choose from where:

    – The Macy’s commercials, with various bad covers of “With Love From Me To You”
    – Ads to watch an episode of Monk in black and white, and then straight after that, to watch the same episode in colour. (This is despite the fact that it was six weeks until that episode was going to be screening!)
    – Ads for heart attack pills, which always seemed to be followed by:
    – Ads for the unhealthiest possible fast food.

    By contrast with all of this, the Geico commercials were like having a Scorsese film come to the cinema after 12 months of Wayans brothers movies.

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