For those of you who visit here a lot, you’ll know that one of my interests is applying Christianity to life, but I often find myself switching off thoughts about my faith when watching films and listening to music.  Part of it is, I think, because the arts are such a demanding time-filling, sensory medium.  Unless you’re hitting the Pause button a lot to stop and think (and who does?), movies and music drive constantly for their running time, not letting you stop and contemplate in the way that a book does.

They also take up several of your senses at once.  Music and films are both aural, not leaving room for you to listen to other things.  And films have the added benefit of being highly visual, meaning that you’ve got your ears and eyes working overtime.  They’re also engaging your mind.  Unlike, say, a beautiful mountain, where you can sit and think about it, a lot of films don’t leave time to do this.  (Some good arthouse ones do, because they like to leave you time to contemplate things, but these are rare.)  Music is perhaps not so engaging to the modern mind, because we’re used to it being in the background, but it should.

Anyway, the point of all that, is that I realised that a film like Sunshine raises some interesting issues for Christian viewers to think about.  However, to do so, might require a little bit more spoilers than I like giving away normally.  So therefore for those of you who want to read my further thoughts on Sunshine, you can find them under the next post, where you will need to put in the password “spoilers”.

You have been warned.

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