And now to something much lighter . . . this is one of those little films that comes out in just a handful of cinemas, however, rather than staying around for 46 weeks, it vanishes really quickly and then eventually shows up in the $12.98 bin at JB Hi-Fi if you’re lucky . . .

Probably because after you’ve seen the film once, it’s not the kind you’re going to return to on a regular basis.

But it’s worth a look, certainly, if you don’t know much about it.  Morgan Sullivan (the normally very English Jeremy Northam in the role that, by the sounds of it, wrote him off the Hollywood map)  is a rather nerdy, accountant-type person who shows up at the big multinational company Digicorp for a job.

We don’t know what Digicorp actually do, but after giving him an extensive hi-tech lie detector test, they offer him a job, spying on their competition, Sunways. (No, we never find out what they do, either, except for trying to spy on Digicorp in return.)

Morgan thinks this sounds pretty cool, because life is ordinary at the moment, he’s out of work, his wife wants him to stay home so that she can advance her career, etc.  So why not?

However, he realises that things are a bit weird when the only things his company asks him to do is to go to two-day seminars, listen to boring lectures and record them on a secret recorder pen, while operating under the alias name Jack Thursby.  Is this all that being a spy means? (As a salesperson, I can kind of empathise with him not wanting  to hang around those crazy networking events for hours on end.)

To make Morgan’s life more interesting (and ours, as viewers), the mysterious Lucy Liu shows up and things get more twisted from then on.  Anyway, I won’t say any more, but this rather twisting sci-fi storyline goes to all sorts of mind-bending places and then manages to tie everything together in the end.

Like a filled-in Sudoko, you’re not left with anything particularly great when you’re finished it all, but the unravelling of the mysteries and the solving of them makes for quite a good night’s entertainment.

I should also say that this film is visually stunning and worth a look just because of the slick other-wordly use of sets, colour and lighting.

3 1/2 out of 5.

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