Hi all,

Just wanted to say that, as a follow-up to my last post, I did send Tony Palmer an email to ask him about the making of Wagner.  Apparently, the poor bloke is in a bit of a fight over the rights to the film, so he hasn’t been able to get control of it, and the versions coming out are sub-par.  Actually, he referred to the one that I bought as being a bootleg, so what does that say about the distributors in Perth who made it?

Anyway, he very kindly sent me a chapter from his (as yet) unpublished memoirs that was 18 pages of background to the filming of Wagner.  It was amazing reading, containing details of how they talked the various actors to being into the picture, to the fights that used to break out between Richard Burton and the “Big Three” English actors (John Gielgud, Ralph Richardson and Laurence Olivier) who starred in the film, through to the involvement of the Wagner family in the making.

I won’t post any excerpts from it here out of courtesy to Tony, but if you want the inside dirt on this miniseries, come and talk to me . . .


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