Well, now that we’ve almost got a full contingent, I might as well set down the guidelines for the challenge.

I was going to call these the Challenge Rules, but I thought that might be a bit harsher than was necessary.

So instead, it’s the guidelines.

1.  We’ll all read one chapter of War and Peace a day.

2.  I’ll blog about it, and you can all chip in with your comments (if you have any) and we can discuss the chapter.

3.  If you have read the book before, please don’t spoil things by posting about things that are yet to happen in the book.  In fact, I might just have a play with the blog settings so that I can moderate all comments on the blog.

And that’s it, really.  I’ll post tomorrow the “Least You Need To Know” stuff about the novel (and there’s not much of that).


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