Hi all,

Well, we’ll all kick off tomorrow, hopefully. I just wanted to say a brief word about the chapter and book numbering convention. Depending on which version of War and Peace you’ve got (assuming you haven’t got an abridged version), different authors number the books in different ways.

I have one version (an old translation by Constance Garnett) and it’s divided into Books I through to XV, plus the Epilogue which is in two parts. But then I have another version (the Penguin classics version by Rosemary Edmondson) and it has a different system. It’s divided into four books, and those four books are divided into a number of parts.

To avoid all confusion, regardless of what version you have, I shall refer to the books and chapters with a simple decimal system. So Book II, Chapter XIII will be 2.13, Book VIII, Chapter XII will become 8.22. Etc.

Hopefully you’ll be able to work out for yourself which is which.

One thought on “War and Peace: One more sleep to go

  1. Hi Matt . . .

    As you can see by the August responses, I’ve been working through your blogs and responding for Book III.

    I’m also involved in the ongoing discussions at Barnes & Noble where Laurel does such a fine job of moderating.

    I thought I’d come back to these early chapters and read what you and the others have had to say. If possible, I’ll post replies . . . dunno’ if you will be actually checking them for responses, but you’ll see it eventually.


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