Today’s Chapter:

Garnett: 1.8

Maude: 1.11

And today we meet some more (not all, believe it or not) of the Rostov kids.

There’s Nikolay (Nicholas), the oldest – the student. Note, also, that we finally meet Boris Drubetskoy – the soldier. I know it sounded from all the previous chapters as if he should have been in his mid-20s, but when he finally appears, he’s just a teenager. And, he’s been living with the Rostov family.

Then, of the younger kids, there’s Natasha – who gets most of the limelight in this chapter by giggling a lot – and Petya, the youngest.

I don’t really need to say more about these, because the novel now veers off to talk about these kids in the next few chapters, so we can talk more about that then. However, I’ve added the now extended Rostov family to the MindMap.

Tomorrow’s Chapter

Garnett: 1.9

Maude: 1.12


2 thoughts on “One-Year War and Peace 1.8 – The Kids Arrive

  1. ROSTOV . . .

    Count Ilya Rostov – the father

    Mimi – Natasha’s doll

    Nicholas Rostov – going to be a major player in the story

    Sonya – the count’s niece

    Petya – the youngest boy

    That’s 50 characters, so far.


    The Policeman . . . mentioned in the last chapter, but I didn’t count him in yet


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