Today’s Chapter:

Garnett/Edmondson: 1.9

Maude: 1.12

. . . and you were probably just thinking that what this story needed was a bit of teen romance.  (After all, how else are we supposed to wean the younger generation off Hilary Duff movies and onto serious literature?)

So, in this chapter, we discover that not only have Sonya and Nikolay got a thing for each other, but Natasha and Boris do as well . . . (which I’ve designated with cute pink lines on the MindMap)

For the girls reading it . . . enjoy.  For the guys . . . I promise, there are some muskets and cannons in this book a bit further down the track . . . promise.  You might even meet Napoleon.

Tomorrow’s Chapter:

Garnett/Edmondson: 1.10

Maude: 1.13


4 thoughts on “One-Year War and Peace 1.9 – Teenage Romance?

  1. Now the question is – will Boris be killed in the first battle, after letting Natasha set her heart on “till death do us part”? I’d expect nothing less from hollywood, but this is Tolstoy so maybe it’ll be different…

    Sounds like these whippersnappers need some cannons and muskets to straighten them out…

  2. Personally, I liked the guy who solved problems by deciding everything was ‘splendid’. Another splendid tactic for me to splendidly adopt.

    (I’m churning along behind the main pack, Matt, but I will catch up eventually… And won’t that be splendid!)

  3. It’s odd to come back to these chapters and re-read the characters, as children . . . I’ve gotten used to them as being the ‘lovers’ of Book Seven – ha ha!

    I have 51 characters and am adding the following:

    The young lady visitor – that’s ‘Karagin’s’ daughter though – I think . . . I’ve already counted her. She and her mother are being referred to as ‘The Visitor’ and ‘The Visitor’s Daughter’.

    Schubert, the colonel of the Pavlograd Hussars – who is going to be dining with them today. And he’ll be taking Nicholas off with him to war.

    Julie Karagina – is that the mother or the daughter? Not sure. Is that one of ‘The Visitors’ who I’ve already counted?

    I keep thinking that I ought to add ‘The Visitor’ and ‘The Visitor’s Daughter’ to my count.

    Arkharovs’ – I’ll count them as being (1) for right now.

    Countess Vera – the Rostov’s eldest daughter

    So that’s enough in there – the guests are leaving, supposed to be returning for dinner. Seems kinda’ odd that Tolstoy would have them all get up and go, when they’re coming back to eat.

    I only added 3, which gives me a total of 54.

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