Today’s Chapter:

Garnett/Edmondson: 1.18

Maude: 1.21

Well, those of us who were happily tripping along reading about Natasha’s dolls and Count Rostov’s dancing may not have been quite prepared for the shift we get in this chapter.

With a brilliant segue, which works only on paper – the sixth dance at the Rostov’s coinciding with Count Bezukhov’s sixth stroke – we transfer to the awe-filled atmosphere of a house holding its breath – waiting for the death of the master.

But it is in a side room that the real secrets come out: Prince Vassily, never a particularly likeable fellow, now reveals his true nature – knowing full well what the Count’s death will mean for Pierre, he urges Katish to join him in a vicious piece of double-dealing.  The irony of this scene is that Katish, in her half-distraught state, doesn’t want to be drawn in to Vassily’s plot.  She’d rather just play the martyr – but with enough pushing, she’s persuaded to go along because of a hatred for Boris’ mum, Anna Mihalovna.  What will happen next?  If you’re like Dave E or Bruce M, you obviously can’t restrain yourselves, and you’re probably 10 chapters ahead of me by now . . . but for the rest of you – we’ll find out more tomorrow.

Either that, or you think that this is all completely “Days of Our Lives” and would rather turn to more substantial literature like Barbara Taylor Bradford.

6 thoughts on “One-Year War and Peace 1.18 – Vassily’s Dark Side

  1. Me, reading ahead? never! But I’m reading the Maude translation so I think I did wind up slightly ahead by accident. I’m back in synch now.

    For all those who had ABC2 and would have cheated – the War and Peace movie with Audrey Hepburn was on on Saturday night. I only found out on Sunday, and we don’t have ABC2 anyway.

  2. I once saw half an hour of that version . . . the idea of Pierre Bezukhov with an American accent kind of just ruined it for me . . . but I might go and watch it again next year when I’ve finished the book again.

  3. So what’s all this ABC2 stuff anyway. Has Aunty got a sister? When did this happen?And how come some people can get ABC2 and some can’t?

    I was going to watch the TV presentation but had so much work to do it didn’t get a look in.

    BTW – I’m rebuked for reading ahead, so I’m now suffering withdrawals. Oh, the pain! Really, I’m missing it so I’ve gone back to re-read in synch.

  4. If you have a digital set-top box, you can get ABC2. It’s basically a second ABC channel – so they can show twice as much content now.

  5. The Military Governor of Moscow,

    who had been assiduous in sending aides-de-camp to inquire after the count’s health, came himself that evening to bid a last farewell to the celebrated grandee of Catherine’s court, Count Bezukhov.

    So that’s another one to add.

    That makes it 75 . . .

    Dmitri Onufrich

    The family’s solicitor . . . .

    Makes it 76

  6. Can anyone explain how Vasili Kuragin is related to the old Count Bezukhov that would allow him to inherit? Also, how are the Mamantov sisters related to the Count?

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