Continuing with the 1001 Films, I am clocking in at number 2 with The Great Train Robbery.  This film was made a year later than A Trip to the Moon, and is the first American film on the list.

For some reason, it seems somehow appropriate for the first great American famous film to be a Western.

Unlike A Trip to the Moon, which required a narrator over the top of it, this film is pretty much self-explanatory.  Perhaps also because I’m not a huge fan of westerns, I didn’t find it a super-exciting film to watch.  But then again, like the last film, this one set a lot of the cliches that we have come to associate with Westerns.

Some of the techniques are interesting to look at, such as the colour-tinting of certain things such as gunsmoke.  And there is, of course, the famous last shot which reportedly had audiences jumping in their seats.  (A bit like the modern equivalent of 3D.)

I’ll give this a 2.5 out of 5 for historical interest, but you can give it a rating yourself.  Because, courtesy of  YouTube, you can watch this rather well-preserved version (even with a full-blown orchestral soundtrack, no less) right here:


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