Hi all,

I’m very sorry about all of this . . . a combination of an absolutely astonishing chamber music festival, which had me run off my feet from 9.00 till 10.30 (if not later) for five days and my computer monitor at home which blew up have kept me from blogging about War and Peace.  Actually, have kept me from reading it for that matter.

Anyway, I’m working on fixing that, so starting tomorrow, I’ll be back.  It may take me a week or two to catch up – so forgive the lag.  But there’s no more music festivals in my life between now and June 30 next year, so we should all be good.

While I’m on the Festival, can I just do a brief rave?  Sitting through five days of chamber music is an ordeal.  There were some parts in the middle where I had to really work hard.

But, ultimately, it was an exhilarating experience.   I won’t go on and on about it, but I’ll just say that the Jerusalem Quartet have got to be one of the world’s greatest string quartets – they’re going to be in Melbourne tomorrow night, Ian, by the way.

But the true rock stars of the chamber music world, with an astonishing ability to delight all ages, is the one and only Eggner Trio of Austria.  They were out here for five weeks – but they could move here and we’d all love it . . . can’t wait till they come back.

Okay, back with Tolstoy tomorrow.

2 thoughts on “Returning Tomorrow

  1. Hey great to see you back, Matt. I knew you were absorbed in the Festival, so I just kept plodding along with War and Peace, writing down my notes on each chapter along the way.

    Thanks for the heads up on the Jerusalem Quartet – although I think it’s going to be difficult for me to make it: it’s one of the perennial problems of working in Melbourne but living 100 kms away, with two little dogs waiting to be walked and fed and fussed over each night.

    I heard the Eggner Trio (with a couple of additions) doing the Brahms Quintet on the radio the other day. Absolutely stunning sound and, by the sound of it, the audience went just wild at the end.

    Oh – and congratulations on being on the money for the ABC top 100!!

  2. Well, actually, if the two of us had put our heads together, we would have got the top 5 perfectly. I guessed “The Trout”, the “Archduke” and “Death and the Maiden”, but you picked the Notturno and the String Quintet by Schubert, which were the other two.

    Glad you liked the Piano Quintet. I only got to hear two and a half movements of that, because I was at the concert with my two-year-old and she was getting a wee bit noisy, so I had to take her out before the last movement. Still, that Scherzo was an absolute ripper . . .

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