Reading for Monday, 22 December

And in this chapter, we find out what Nikolai Rostov has been up to.  Despite all the goings-on in his family, he still likes the non-responsibility of the army life. 

There’s not much to comment on in this chapter, but the story of the general and his two sons crossing the bridge is a highlight moment of the chapter.

However, there was a mention of Denisov in this chapter, in that the young soldier Ilyin is now to Nikolai what Nikolai was to Denisov seven years ago.  I was just trying to remember, did they specifically mention what happened to Denisov?  I’m assuming that, unless I hear anything otherwise, that he probably died in the hospital of the disease he had when Nikolai visited him.

Not sure . . . We may find out?

2 thoughts on “One-Year War and Peace 9.12 – Rostov Again

  1. I have to confess that I can’t remember what happens with Denisov either – or even whether we find out anything more about him or not.

    But the thing I liked particularly about this chapter was the whole pre-war poicture of revelry and carelessness that it creates, something which I think is perhaps an important ingredient in any war story, because it helps us understand how people get mixed up in all of this – it’s just all fun and camerarderie at first and probably no one would ever go to war at all if they felt the horror at this stage that we know they’re going to feel later on.

    And in Ilyin, and in his hero-worshipping of Nikolai, we are remnded just how young, and impressionable, and needy, the people are who have the responsibility of driving this great tide of history, which Andrei noted in the previous chapter. It’s not the high and mighty Tsar, nor the erudite Pfuel, but the millions of childlike Ilyins, vulnerable and innocent, in whose hands the real responsibility now lies.

  2. Now, isn’t that odd? Until you mentioned it, I didn’t think about Denisov at all.

    I have read a teensy bit further than this, but I don’t remember whether I saw Denisov.

    So I can’t say.

    I’m going to find some characters from this chapter to add to my illustrious count . . .


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