Reading for Saturday, 17 January

As can only happen in long epic novels, some paths start to cross.  In this case, it’s the rather unlikely (well, I certainly wouldn’t have seen it coming) meeting of Nikolai Rostov and Princess Marya Bolkonsky.

Can you imagine it?  After the huge blowout between his sister and her brother in the last book, he happens to arrive at her farm when she needs rescuing?

I can’t remember exactly how this subplot goes, but part of me is thinking that surely Marya could end up with somebody a bit better than this . . . well, we’ll just have to keep reading to find out what happens, won’t we?

2 thoughts on “One-Year War and Peace 10.13 – Crossed Paths

  1. I’m not quite as negative about Nikolai as I think you might be, Matt – I tend to think that all the Rostovs (well, maybe not Vera) are a good-hearted bunch and so when I saw Nikolai entering into Marya’s life, as he clearly seems to be doing from this Chapter, I couldn’t help but feel that, as unlikely a match as this might seem, it could be just the thing for Marya. In any event, there could hardly be a shrper contrast between the cold austerity of her father, and the zealous love for life of Nikolai. And, on the other hand, this plain, serious, pious woman seems worlds apart from the life that Nikolai has lived so far. And yet their connection seems instant. I reckon it’s yet another testimony to Tolstoy’s skill that such a seemingly unfitting match, appears here to be so convincing, almost inevitable.

  2. What was Tolstoy thinking of? This is a ridiculous match!

    And what’s he going to do with his character ‘Sonya’?
    Matt’s right – Marya deserves more than Nikolai – she needs someone strong and mature.

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