Reading for Monday, 19 January

I can’t tell you how happy this chapter made me.    I really had thought he’d died there.

And there he was, proposing a plan to Kutuzov!  Great stuff. Also, I loved the little ironic description of how Denisov knows Andrei proposed to Natasha, and thinks back nostalgically to when he had a crush on her – not realising that it was far more traumatic for Andrei than a little crush . . .

Obviously, we find out a bit more about Kutuzov in this chapter, but I can make my comments on him in the next chapter.

3 thoughts on “One-Year War and Peace 10.15 – Denisov’s Back!

  1. Ah yes – I thought you’d be pleased to see the return of Denisov, Matt. But I can tell you, reading his dialogue aloud to the dogs (especially the way Pevear/Volokhonsky present his misprounciation of “r” as “Ghr” rather than as “w”, which most other translations do) is no easy feat!!

    I think, though, the thing that most got to me in this chapter was the human, almost gentle side of Kutuzov that we see here – his tears, and his warm, fatherly embrace of Andrei, at the news of the Old Prince’s death. In some ways this, to me, made his comtempt for all the “science” of war, and for the fervour of patriotism, and instead his trust in his own “old age, with his experience of life” somehow seem to flow, and to fit, so smoothly. This is not a detatched, genius strategist – but a man who loves Russia for its Russians, and who looks to his heart and his gut, much less than his head, for guidance in what is right.

    But, as you point out Matt, more of that in the next chapter!

  2. Yes, I too was surprised to see Denisov – I didn’t think he’d died though. I just thought he was out of the picture.

    So how were the dogs with this? Did they go ‘grrrrr . . .’ in that pleasant way dogs have of purring? Or did they go GRRRRRRR . . . in that way they have of letting you know they’re not amused?

    Skitter, our cat, just perches on the bedside table between our beds and quietly purrs. Then she flounces her wonderful tail around, just to let us know she’s happy.

  3. Well my dogs – Ruslan and Lyudmila – just curl up and go to sleep when I read to them. They even slept through the chapters about the hunt – you’d think they’d at least show some interest in that, wouldn’t you?

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