Reading for Wednesday, 25 February

And then, in this chapter, we see more of Natasha’s character as she impulsively invites all the wounded soldiers to be bunked down at the Rostov home.  There’s not a lot to comment on this chapter, because it’s more plot-driven than character-driven, but what’s most interesting is that Countess Rostova pushes the hardest for them to flee, so she can get Petya taken away from the army.

She’s a little bit like Natasha, actually.  Easy-going most of the time, but when she wants to put her foot down, she really does put her foot down.


5 thoughts on “One-Year War and Peace 11.13 – A Home for Wounded Soldiers

  1. I agree, Matt – this is very much a plot-driven chapter. But I love the image that it conjures up for us – all those wounded soldiers adding to the already great chaos of Moscow, fleeing and Natasha, in the midst of it all, touched in such a childlike way and somehow, it seems, feeling that she can fix it. Between all those images, we get such a tremendous picture, I think, of both the personal and the communal turmoil. Whether Tolstoy is zooming in or zooming out, staying still or panning across, it seems his lens is always so sharply focussed and, for me, this chapter is an excellent example of this.

  2. I’m interested in what you mean by ‘plot-driven’ . . . do you mean the plot of the chapter itself, or is the chapter plotted to accommodate the balance of the story as a whole.

    I have noticed some of these ‘zoom-in’ segments are stories in themselves.

  3. Obviously I can’t speak for Matt, Carly, but when I use the phrase “plot-driven” I really just mean that the main point of the chapter is to tell a story – rather than being about new insights into the characters, or new commentary on life, or new angles on the bigger picture, it’s simply about the events of the chapter.

  4. Yeah, that’s about what I figured too.

    I’ve found many chapters in this novel that can break open into an all told different story if one wanted to work with it.

    I’m writing right now . . . working on a fantasy challenge.

    I’m almost finished – my protag has rescued her lover from a mountain cave where he was about to be committed to a fire.

    Which was the point of the challenge, so I guess I’ve more or less done it – just need to bring it home, put ’em on a raft, get ’em outta’ there and have some coast guard pick them up.

    Ha ha!

    (Just when I thought I wasn’t going to write any more – was going to sleep during normal hours like everyone else)

  5. We got a new TV – one of the latest from Sony – the big screen . . . already went through Spiderman 1 & 2 – about to watch 3 . . . so what with trying to write for the challenge and the distraction with the movies and the new toy, it’s been an interesting weekend.

    No real reading went on . . . W & P and A Tale of Two Cities has been sorely neglected.

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