Reading for Monday, 2 March

And now we flash back to Pierre and see what he’s been up to.  And now we see the old Masonic connections starting to come back up, as he heads to the home of his old deceased mentor.

This is all a bit bizarre, but I love the character of the servant who happily looks after Pierre just to have someone to look after. Again, one of those three-dimensional characters who pops in and out.

And so we see Pierre get ready to carry out his new scheme . . .


One thought on “One-Year War and Peace 11.18 – Incognito

  1. I, too, saw something of the bizarre in this chapter – but only something. There was also something fundamentally logical, sensible, about it, too, I thought – something in that way in which Pierre was drawn back to the house of Bazdeev, the place which he had once associated with such enlightenment and hope but which now, is just dusty and gloomy.. It seemed to me to be something of a metaphor for what Pierre, and all of Moscow, is now going through – a longing to connect to the old hopes, but a realisation that they have now all passed, and died. So, in that sense, it seems scarcely surprisng that Pierre would feel inspired to take on a new mission – one in which we seem him transformed from the aristocratic count into a man, in a peasant’s kaftan, roaming the streets of Moscow, looking for a gun. Of course, we don’t yet know just what it is that ison his mind – but the fact that he is driven to something so obviously dark and sinister, seems, I think, just so utterly explicable.

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