Reading for Saturday 7 March

I’m not sure why, but drunks always make for the best comic interludes. As I understand this chapter, we have a bunch of factory hands who delivered grog to the tavern owner, for which they have been allowed to booze up all morning . . .

But then a group of blacksmiths arrive who want some free grog as well (they figure there’s a bit of looting going on). So, at the sound of the fight, the factory hands come out and decide to attack the tavern owner who was giving them grog in the first place.

It does highlight the chaos of the town, but it’s also a humorous look at the occasion as well. I’m not sure where Pierre has disappeared in the midst of all this, but just be patient, I’m sure we’ll get back to someone we know soon.


2 thoughts on “One-Year War and Peace 11.23 – Why Are Drunk People Funny?

  1. Yes, chaos is certainly al the rage in Moscow now. The queenless beehive has obviously decided to indulge in a bit of drunken revelry and it’s just all going completely awry. I know I’ve remarked on this many times before – but I really do think that these little vignettes of ordinary people, passers-by, almost, is what makes War and Peace such a rich and vibrant piece of writing, and its what makes his paintings of the bigger picture so convincing, simply because the little details, the bits that no one else notices, are so full of life.

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