Reading for Wednesday, 18 March

And not only has he saved one life, he’s also out to save another. Now that he’s rescued the little girl, he goes to defend the Armenians. But this is his undoing.

We finally end with Pierre – the most harmless and least warlike of an of the males in the novel – and there he is in gaol, and considered a dangerous person.

It’s a dark but fascinating ending to Book 11.

See you all for Book 12!

2 thoughts on “One-Year War and Peace 11.34 – Captured

  1. Yes, it’s a bit of a cliffhanger that we end on here, isn’t it? This is another chapter which, in Pevear/Volokhonsky, has a great deal of French in it which, I think, only adds to the feeling of chaos and people being overwhelmed by confusion and incomrephension, to the point where even Pierre himself isn’t quite sure what he is saying and why. It just all goes to make the whole capture of Pierre come across as all the more a shock – before any of us really know what’s going on, Pierre is under guard in prison, and we’re at the end of another book/volume!!

  2. Well, the Maude version has a lot of French in it too – I kind of like it. Of course, I’m reading from online text (and audio portions from libri vox up to book 11). It’s a good way for me to brush up on French phrases.

    Yes! Let’s hear it for Book 12!

    Good job Matt – you’re only 9 chaps away from being caught up!

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