Reading for Saturday, 4 April

This chapter is also a bit difficult to read without a map, but the basic gist of it all is that the Russian army was starting to re-gather strength, the French army was starting to weaken.

Also, the French were losing track of what the Russians were up to, and the Russians were starting to turn back around and halt their retreat. Either way, what was a devastating event for the Russians – the loss of their capital – something that might be expected to cripple another nation, is actually swinging back in their favour . . . we shall see how it all pans out.


One thought on “One-Year War and Peace 13.2 – A Shift in Balance

  1. I think, following hard on the heels of the previous chapter, the shift in the balance of power that we begin to see here is very much the product of the movement of the masses – and I like Tolsoy’s analogy of the clock chiming in response to the hands moving. In the same way, the higher echelons of the army respond to the changes of power brought about by the rank and file – and so, once again, the military heads are not the leaders, but rather the consequenc, the chime, of what happens at the coal face.

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