Reading for Saturday, 18 April

And as the gears of battle start to turn yet again, we move from Dohturov to another previously unmentioned character – Konovnitsyn.

I don’t believe he shows up again (much like Dohturov), but he’s given his humanity and his small moment of fame as he plays his part in the events that are unfolding.

This is apt – in Tolstoy, everyone plays a part in history – so everyone deserves a moment in the spotlight.


2 thoughts on “One-Year War and Peace 13.16 – Another Cog

  1. Yes, it’s another chapter rather like the previous one – a moment of recognition for the people who, as Tolstoy puts it, have a lace in the official history books really only out of propreity but who were really so much more important than that. ut as you point out, Matt, everyone is important in Tolstoy’s telling – so, in reality, Dokhturov and Konovnitsyn are really just examples … just two of the wheels in a machine that has many, many of them.

    I couldn’t help but smile at the lines about Konovnitsyn’s dread of everyone hearing the news about that had been brought to them by Bolkhovitinov – and how everyone would be bustling about, giving orders and having arguments, on account of it. I think anyone who has experienced that moment when you’re the first person to hear some news that you know is going to throw everyone around you (be it your colleagues, your friends, you family) into turmoil would be able to recognise Konovnitsyn’s reluctance to move here from the calm to the storm.

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