Reading for Saturday, 11 April

Here we have Napoleon showing us how he goes about rearranging a city. With reprints from his public declarations and little snippets of his organisational abilities, Tolstoy gets a bit tongue-in-cheek again.

While there’s very little to indicate that things are going wrong, nonetheless, we get the distinct feeling that no matter what Napoleon does here, he’s not really bringing about the glorious peaceful kingdom that he’s talking about . . .

Most telling moment was when they execute the people “responsible” for the burning of Moscow and then go and burn down Rastoptchin’s home to pay him back . . . That one paragraph probably tells you all you need to know.


2 thoughts on “One-Year War and Peace 13.9 – Organising the City

  1. I agree with you totally Matt – this chapter tells us a lot about the lengths to which Napoleon seemed to want to go to make it all work but that one little paragraph about the buring of Rastopchin’s houses lays bare the hypocrisy of it all. In any event, you can’t help thinking that whenever someone has to go to such lengths to convince the people hat everything is back to normal, it isn’t!

  2. That’s right – it’s like the US howling about other countries developing nuclear weapons.

    (Of course, the US government wouldn’t dream of having a secret stash of same)

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