Reading for Thursday, 28 May

The evening with Pierre, Marya and Natasha continues as they sit around the dinner table discussing things. This time, the conversation revolves around Pierre, and he shares his story. Even though, in a sense, it’s rehashing the story that we alreadyhave read, it’s the sense of healing that comes from talking about everything that is so interesting.

Also, another thing that I think is worth mentioning, it’s one of the few times in the book where people actually have honest conversations about what they’re feeling. Most of the time people talk to each other in mock politeness or coldness or there’s some tension going on.

This is just three people, good friends, becoming even better friends. And who doesn’t like that?


2 thoughts on “One-Year War and Peace 15.17 – A Dinner Conversation

  1. It’s true – in this chapter almost everything is Pierre recounting events that we have already been through with him, and yet the real story here is, as you point out, Matt, the healing that Pierre now feels, even though much of it is still difficult for him to talk about. But now these three people, united at first by their love for Andrei and now by their love for each other, create that sense of acceptance, which in turn creates for Pierre the opportunity for resolution. And then the conversation that Marya and Natasha have at the end of the chapter, is another example of this – these two very different women looking to each other to understand how to move on from the death of the man they both loved. As always, Tolstoy captures all of this in such a crystalline way, in his unadorned, unpretentious language. And Natasha’s line about Pierre looking as if he had come from the moral bathhouse is just so, well, so Natasha!!

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