Actually, while I think of it – this is a thought for my Christian readers. One of the most interesting things about the conference for me, was the sheer enthusiasm of people in the arts, not just for the Tessitura software, but for what they do.

Far from an irritating job that they don’t want to talk about – they could talk to the cows come home about their companies and what they do.

It made me think – and I heard a speaker say this a few weeks ago – could this highlight a problem with our churches? How often have you been at church, and found out that everyone is talking about the weather/football, etc afterwards? There’s almost a fear of talking about the God that we’re gathering to worship.

Imagine what it would be like going to a church where the congregation’s enthusiasm for the Christian faith matched the enthusiasm of the arts world?

3 thoughts on “One Further Thought on Tessitura Conference

  1. Right on, Matt. How is it that people with the world’s best-ever message aren’t captivated by it and enthralled? It’s no fault in the message.

  2. Hodgeo quite right, i found it dis-hearten myself in the past. I mean we’re suppose to work for our boss as if for the Lord? I struggle to do this…

    My experience has been to find a church which does celebrate the ppl won to Christ on a regular weekend basis. I’m glad i’m now part of a weekly community of christians who regularly have ppl setting next to them who aren’t saved and far from God…I love that!

    As my experience had been no one gave a rip about the lost in church. They spoke about it, but didn’t care enough to change instead took the view they (church) didn’t want to upset the “little ol lady” who had been there for 20yrs to change the music, or delivery of the message.

    I challenge ppl to actually give a rip enough about the lost and find a church who carries the same heart.

    If you are happy to complain you should be expected to act and change to view you’re bosses, co-workers etc as ppl God cares dearly about and wants desperately for them to join his family.

    Make it happen

  3. My experience is that big gatherings are like that, whatever the topic. Family reunions, work conferences, or think back to the early years of QYC (equivalent to KYC/KYLC for you southerners) or EC (a lesser cousin of PYNSW’s Summer Camp) – people come together around some common ground and get very excited about it. Everyone encourages everyone else, and you go away thinking “wow, what a great time, I wish we could bottle it.”

    That said, I agree that there’s a problem when people at church only ever talk about sport/weather or complain about work after the service. I had a great chat with one guy yesterday at morning tea about sin and parenthood and being effective in your ministry. What was so great about it? It was refreshing and encouraging to talk about things of God after the sermon.

    It’s true that you need to spend time talking about the shallow things to get a close enough relationship to talk about deeper things of God, and it’s important to keep up with the day-to-day lives of our brothers and sisters, but I fear that too often we use it as a cop-out instead of a starting point.

    I don’t think there’s any silver bullet though; I think it takes a few people willing to work hard with each other and with others to cultivate an environment that encourages talking about deeper things, and a lot of time to let it bear fruit.

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