A murder is probably the most unpleasant way to start off a week you could think of – unless you’re reading And Then There Were None along with us, in which case – yeah, we get a bit of action and excitement to kickstart Week 2!

Our second victim has fallen, but the idea hasn’t quite sunk in that a) there is a killer and b) it’s a serial killer (assuming, of course, that Dan wasn’t on to something with his multiple people killing each other – which he might have been… or might not have).

I also love that it’s the last beautiful morning on the island. The sun’s up, they’re enjoying their breakfast. Then – someone else is dead – and the boat doesn’t appear to be coming. Once we know the boat isn’t coming, we know we’re into total lockdown mode.

See you tomorrow!

5 thoughts on “And Then There Were None – Chapter 6 (2 Dead; 8 Alive)

  1. I don’t have much to add for this chapter. Although I did go back to Chapter Two to reread the poem and cross-check that the murders were matching the verses.

    “Choked his little self”
    “Overslept himself”

    Which makes me wonder about the third little… whatever, who, according to the poem, stays in Devon.

    Not 100% sure how that would tie to a death. I guess we’ll soon find out. Or maybe the murders don’t follow the poem the whole way through.

    But if they do, I’ve still got my eye on that ‘red herring’ murder.

  2. As always, Dan, the astute detective. Will look forward to seeing how that line of reasoning pays off.

    To be honest, I can’t remember exactly how all the murders play out, so I’m looking forward to seeing how it ties in with the poem as well.

  3. Aren’t they all in Devon?? I think that’s where the island is set. So, he/she can just “stay in Devon” in terms of being dead….

    How he/she dies? Must go read todays chapter but I have an inkling…

  4. I suppose. I guess I was thinking of the island as being off the coast of Devon and, hence, somebody would have to go off the island to ‘stay in Devon’.

    But yeah, if the island’s considered part of Devon then they can die in any manner the murderer pleases.

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