The chapters are getting short and sweet now – hang in there, one-day-at-a-timers – but we get to see the dark side of Emily Brent today.

But most importantly is the insight of Philip Lombard – everyone there has a committed a crime that cannot be punished by a regular court of law . . .

Not that that’s stopping our killer.

And, of course, no slasher story is complete without the inevitable search for the killer. “He must be hiding around here somewhere!” We’ll see how the search goes tomorrow…

4 thoughts on “And Then There Were None – Chapter 7 (2 Dead; 8 Alive)

  1. Oh, I was also going to say that I actually don’t mind the one chapter a day thing. It’s difficult not to read ahead, but it does give me time to ponder everything. Usually, on the rare occasions I’ve read mysteries, I’ve just ploughed ever onward, never really stopping to consider ‘whodunnit’, just assuming if I keep reading, the author will tell me.

    This time, I have enforced thinking periods. Not sure if it’s helping me any in solving the mystery, but it’s fun to actually stop and think about it all.

  2. That is a good question. Actually, despite Lombard’s callousness – at least with non-white people – I’ve always thought that (at this stage of the story) he’s the most heroic of the characters. Everybody else seems a bit too nervous, or a bit flawed, or a bit evil.

    Whereas Lombard is the one you would feel safest with.

    That could be intentional…

  3. Oh, I didn’t mean for my debate question to be taken seriously. Obviously, all the characters are responsible for somebody else’s death whether or not in strictest legal terms, they can be classed as ‘murder’.

    I just found it darkly amusing (no pun intended) the general assumption that the non-white people’s deaths were not to be given a second thought.

    I’m also wondering whether the decision to not consult the judge was a good one. I suppose I could go read today’s chapter and see if that offers any further clues…

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