Now all bets are off. Is it one of the remaining four? Is there someone else on the island? If it’s one of the four, who can it be? If it’s someone else, why can’t they seem to find them? It’s all going crazy.

We also get another look into the back story of the characters, especially Vera, and we realise that she actually was quite callous in killing off young Cyril. And up till now has been very good at hiding the truth of how evil she is. But does that make her evil enough to engineer this?

Blore seems scared out of his mind, but if Dan’s theory is correct – the killer may not realise what he’s doing. Lombard says he’s a bit rattled – but rattled by how close he is to being murdered – or by how close he is to being unmasked as the killer.

And then, of course, there is the doctor – but he’s not in this chapter. We’re left with only three Indian boy statues, which would indicate that he’s dead.

But there’s no body.

And as Dan will be the first to point out, if I don’t:

Four little Indian boys, going out to sea;
A red herring swallowed one and then there were Three.

So on that rather ambiguous note, I’ll bid you goodbye until tomorrow.

3 thoughts on “And Then There Were None – Chapter 14 (6/7 Dead?; 3/4 Alive?)

  1. Yes. I flipped straight back after finishing this chapter to confirm this was the red herring murder.

    Something’s fishy here.

    Boom tish. Next show is at 11.

  2. Dan, that’s easily the worst pun of this entire book reading saga.

    It does seem a bit odd that there’s no body. We still haven’t seen anything come from the “the killer is” scribbling in the diary – surely there’s something in it?

    I would say that Vera’s allowing the little boy to swim was always about her being reunited with Hugo, and always seemed quite callous. But she doesn’t seem to have her wits about her enough to architect all of these murders.

    Surely the murderer must have a calculated reason for choosing these people in particular?

  3. I think this chapter officially dooms my twin theory (if it wasn’t doomed already). If they searched the island and didn’t find a spare Rogers, then there probably isn’t one.

    They could be lying, I suppose. But why would they? It could be a conspiracy between these last two men. But I don’t think so.

    Hmmm. I think I’m just about out of ideas.

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