And it’s only getting better as Conspiracy 365 continues into February. Our 15-year-old hero, Callum Ormond, managed to get himself out of the oily scrape he found himself in at the end of January, but things only get more confusing. There’s now a girl thrown into the mix – but can he trust her? Mysterious doppelgangers, an illuminating stained glass window, more chases, and – get this – he finds himself at the zoo in the lion’s cage.

It’s starting to get a bit exhausting, all this running around (in January, Callum was hiding out in a house, but now he’s taken to storm water drains, which – believe me – is as dangerous as it sounds). But Gabrielle Lord is slowly teasing out the mystery of what happened to Callum’s father, and what the mysterious drawings mean. It’s this mystery that drives Callum (and us, the readers) to keep on reading.

And, of course, it all comes to a head in another cliff-hanger climax involving a train and a tunnel. Need I say more? Just as much fun as the first one, but at this pace, we could lose steam as the story progresses. We’ll see. I’m certainly wondering what Callum is going to do once the winter kicks in…

4 out of 5.


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