Oddly enough, even finding time to implement a newness block has been an issue. Anyway, the first and simplest thing that I took a sledgehammer to was my RSS feeds. You may not be an RSS junkie – I find it comes in waves with me. Sometimes I’d reading all the time. Other times, I don’t feel like touching it for a few weeks.

Anyway, as a first step, I went and unsubscribed from a lot of my feeds. In fact, I unsubscribed from every feed I had unless it was a blog of someone I knew personally (I do still want to know what you’re up to…), either online or offline. I think the only two exceptions to this were the Daily Lost feed, only because with three weeks left to go before it will all be over, I’m enjoying these last days of keeping up with the hype. The other exception was Greg Sandow’s blog on the future of classical music, but given that I still rub shoulders with him on Twitter, he’s kind of a friend. He still has a lot of good stuff to say.

I should say the other key to this is that I wrote down a list of the blogs that I unsubscribed from, so if next month I decide to subscribe again, I can. But it’s amazing how having a few weeks off from something can make you realise that you don’t really miss it that much…

Next big thing is to try and stop the number of emails coming in…but that seems like a weekend task.


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