Here we go – it’s now March and Callum Ormond is still on the run. He’s successfully escaped the horrendous fate awaiting him at the end of February but has managed to get himself into yet another scrape. This book is possibly the most relentless one yet, with far-fetched escape after far-fetched escape.

What’s amusing (and also raising the tension) is that Callum is only ever a step ahead of both the cops and the crims – so he really is on the run from absolutely everyone.

My favourite set piece in this one is a chapter involving a snake venom laboratory.


It’s not often you get a main character smash open a glass cage of death adders, get bitten, and then have to race against time to get to the antivenom room. I was pretty impressed. What with sharks in January and lions in February, the natural world has really got it in for this kid.


The book climaxes with Callum attempting to steal the mysterious Ormond Riddle, escaping by the skin of his teeth, and then doing his best to escape town. I think definitely a change of location would be good for all of us. (Though my prediction is that this series will end up in Ireland, the place where Callum’s dad went in the previous year, and came home sick.) But we shall see…

4 out of 5.

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