Almost caught up on all of these  . . . can I say, one thing I really think more books should have is page numbering like this series. The numbering runs backwards, so when you look down and see you’re on page 77, it means you have 77 pages to go (rather than knowing you’re only 77 pages into it).

Can you imagine how helpful this would be on something like War and Peace? Instead of knowing that you’d only knocked over 100 pages, you could instead know that you have 1,100 to go . . .

All right – maybe it wouldn’t work for every book. But I like it.

This book is somewhat more frustrating than the others, because Callum was on his way to visit his grand-uncle to see if he could find out some useful information – however that was hijacked at the end of March, and about a third of this book is taken up with the events of April 1, which then set Callum right back to square one again.

Thus he spends most of this book on the run, without necessarily finding out a lot of useful information.

And no run-ins with animals, either. Maybe that’s what’s disappointing me the most.

However, don’t get me wrong – there’s still plenty going on here:


Callum is never out of danger, including a brief stint on an Army firing range and stowing away in a car boot. By the end of the book, in a surprising twist, Callum finds himself well and truly locked up (but not by the police, which is what he’s been expecting).


Anyway, thankfully, I have the May book and could move straight on to it …

3 out of 5.

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