In May, the game has picked up immensely. Gone are all the non-stop running away and escapes. Instead, Callum settles down and we start to get some answers as to why he might be being pursued. We also learn a bit more about the Ormond Singularity, the Ormond Riddle and other such mysteries shrouded by the dim, dark past.

Also, assuming that this book is relatively plot-driven, all the characters we’re meeting – some of whom are a bit random – could well pay off in interesting connections further down the track …

Also, the run-ins with animals are back! This time, it’s two ferocious guard dogs as Callum attempts a vital last-minute break-in to get the information he wants.

This also features …


…the death of a major character for the first time – at least in the timeline (obviously Callum’s father died in the previous year), thus raising the stakes of the whole game.

And as the story ends, Callum finds out that flying lessons turned out to be a useful idea…


Thus why I’m going to have to go out and get June as soon as I can. I hope Big W have it in stock for under $10 as well…

3 1/2 out of 5.

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