When you start the hundred pushups program, you’re asked to do a test lot of push-ups and then, based on that, you’re put in one of three streams.

I got through all of 12 the other day and so was dropped into the first stream, which had about 5 sets of pushups. First 10, wait for 60 seconds, then 12, wait for 60 seconds … there were another three to go after that, but I sort of collapsed on the floor in a heap after that.

I’ll just pretend I got through 8 the other day. Don’t get me wrong – I’m keen to try again – it’s just that for today, my arms are saying, “Nooooo…..”

Also, despite my best intentions about food – I found myself eating (on autopilot almost) chocolate chips out of the fridge. (Once the packet gets opened in our house, it’s on for young and old…). I pulled myself up, but it does go to show how much these things are in the subconscious.

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