Hi all,

Sorry, I realise I haven’t posted since Thursday. Here’s what happened. Friday I slept in. I know, it’s slack. I’m not sure why, but I couldn’t get out of bed on Friday for some reason, so I only got a very short walk. So it wasn’t quite the week I expected. And Saturday which was meant to be a pushups day, I still decided to let my arms recover a bit longer, plus I was busy finishing off a sermon to deliver on Sunday morning. And Sunday is my day off.

But, looking back, while it’s tempting to look at the things I didn’t do, compared to the previous week, I:

  • Ate no junk food during weekdays (other than office birthday cake), and not nearly as much as normal on the weekend
  • Did more pushups in one hit than I’ve ever done before (albeit with consequences)
  • Went for some walks
  • Walked home from the train station a couple of times.
  • Feel a lot better physically than I did the week before.

That’s not a bad start. Here’s to the second week coming up.

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