I forgot to mention this yesterday, but we broke the blender. We’d had it for all of two weeks from Bing Lee and the thing broke on us. Very disappointing.So no green smoothies for the moment.

Today’s Australia Day BBQ went quite well, and I found I managed to eat heaps of food without feeling ill afterwards. What did do me in was the pizza that I had at another friend’s house. I don’t know what it is about pizza, but I just felt bloated and lethargic for an hour or so afterwards. I feel more sensitive about these things now – as if I can tell very quickly if I am ingesting lots of toxins. Interesting.

I shall look forward to tomorrow.

2 thoughts on “Day 10 of 90: Broken Blender

  1. Could be the wheat.

    Is the blender still under warranty? That’s pretty poor performance for a small appliance!

  2. Could be wheat in the base, could be fructose in the sauce on the base, lactose in the cheese… but I know what you mean about eating healthy for a while and then getting something unhealthy – it might seem desirable at the time, but becomes regrettable very quickly.

    Even if it’s not under warranty, the shop should be replacing your blender straight up. 2 weeks isn’t a warranty claim, that’s a DOA.

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