No New Books / DVDs / Music

It’s something that’s been running around my head for a few weeks, but I’m on the verge of making my 2011 New Year’s Resolution to give up buying new books, DVDs and music for a whole year.


It’s a bit complex, and in no particular order, but this is my thinking:

1) It consumes an awful lot of my thinking. I’m not particularly worried about the money side of it – I don’t blow that much of my budget on said books, DVDs and music – but it is the thing that I most think about buying.

2) I find myself immensely more interested in getting a new something-or-other, than the actual things I own. So Book X on the shelf in a bookstore seems 10 times more exciting than Book Y that I own and still have to read – even if Book Y is one of the greatest books ever written and has rave reviews. I can’t help but thinking that this interest in new things is a polite way of saying that I’m constantly discontent. Something that I’m a bit concerned about.

3) Recently, in my thinking, I’ve been getting concerned with those in society and around the world who are living in poverty. While I don’t think we should all give up our possessions and become dirt poor (I think God has blessed us in Australia with many great material things, which we can be thankful for), nonetheless, there does seem something fundamentally wrong about constantly wanting to get new things, when other people struggle to have any things to start with.

4) There’s a couple of big projects I want to work on in 2011 that require some time and energy – time and energy which I normally fill with the pursuit of new stuff. I’m curious to know whether I would be able to find more energy if I put my energies into that, rather than surfing the internet for new stuff to consume.


Anyway, I’m just thinking about the idea of it at the moment. I’ve got another 10 or 11 days to decide whether I do want to do it or not. Still pondering. Mainly pondering whether I can possibly do this without giving it up. But I like the idea.