Well, we’re at the halfway mark now, as another of our suspects bites the dust. Oddly enough, she was our chief suspect from yesterday. We’re now down to five. Unlike that other island serial killer show, having less suspects doesn’t at all make it clearer who is likely to be a killer. (But if you do watch that island show, you would have well and truly worked out the identity by then.)

I’m quite enjoying the character of the Judge, because having worked in the law courts, the way he speaks is characteristic of the way Judges deliver summings up or sentences: very deliberately, point by point, logical.

How else could he persuade everyone to submit to strip-searching?

Actually, while all their actions (locking up the drugs, hunting for the gun, etc) logically make sense, all of this is really about persuading you, the reader, of the rules of the game. It’s Agatha Christie’s equivalent of the conjurer showing you that there’s nothing up his sleeves.

There’s a house, five people, missing gun, drugs all locked up. We’re all clueless. That’s the situation.

See you tomorrow!

4 thoughts on “And Then There Were None – Chapter 12 (5 Dead; 5 Alive)

  1. If the killer is one of the remaining five, I think my money is on Vera. Maybe she thinks killing everybody else is the best way to assuage her guilt. A way to even the scales.

    None of the others seem remorseful enough for this line of reasoning to work.

    I’m pretty sure this is the sanest theory I’ve come up with so far. So it almost certainly doesn’t stand up to closer scrutiny.

  2. Apologies – I put up a comment, thinking it was on tomorrow’s chapter. I’ve since deleted it, but if it got emailed to Dan and Dave – I apologise profusely. I think I spoiled tomorrow’s chapter.

    If by some miracle, it didn’t . . . whew!

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